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Induction hardening


In the induction hardening, only the surface layer is hardened. In this way, a piece with a hard and abrasion resistance surface is obtained with soft and stiff brain.


This method has relatively little application in molding, but it is used in automotive and automotive industries in a wide range of applications. The points of measurement of the big commands and the wishes of the guides are hardened by this method.


In induction heat, the heat is created by the high frequency variable flow and the surface of the work piece reaches the desired temperature. The hardness depth and thickness of the hardening layer depend on the variable frequency flow. At a high frequency, the working depth is less. If the working depth is more desirable, they use low frequency. After warming steel, it quenches in water or oil and at a temperature of 150-200 degrees Celsius it returns.


Table 1: hardening depth in induction hardening
frequency Hardness depth
0,5 kHz … 10 kHz 1,5 mm…6 mm
0,1 MHz … 30 kHz 0,01 mm… 3 mm


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