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laser cut

Depending on the requirements of our customers, we are pleased to offer Laser Cutting Services. The Bohler Spring Sheet collection facilitate the work of respectable employers, by providing laser cutting services as quickly and accurately as possible.


roll to sheet cut

To facilitate the affairs of our customers, roll to Sheet cut is done by Bohler spring sheet collections as requested and regularly and standardized as soon as possible.


roll to roll cut

Due to the increasing need of the industry community for the workshop services, the Bohler spring sheet collections, by supplying and equipping its respective machines, declare its readiness to rolls to rolls cut of iron sheet types, springs, steel, aluminum, brass, copper, bronze phosphor and galvanized.


Testing and analysis of steel

The Bohler spring sheet collections, according to the needs of the customers, has collaborated with the reliable laboratories to ensuring that the product is purchased and can be cherished for the purpose of testing and analyzing materials for employers.



Rolling is one of the methods for shaping materials that have the ability to be waxy. The rolling process is done in both cold rolling and hot rolling. The Bohler spring sheet collection with the possession of rolling tools declares its readiness to accelerate the work of your industrial activities.



In a variety of sheet metal works, we find that there is a need for bending to provide the desired form, increase bending resistance, prevent damage, bonding, etc. Depending on the requirements of the customers, the Bohler spring sheet collection, does the bending works specially for the employers.


Manufacturing parts

With a complete understanding of the types of steel and the needs of respectable customers for the construction of parts, the Bohler spring sheet collection provides the opportunity to do it as soon as possible if the cherished customers need to make a special piece.


Heat treatment

The regular heating and cooling of metals in order to obtain the desired mechanical and physical properties are referred to as heat treatment. The Bohler spring sheet collection with the presence of reliable centers for the thermal and hardening of different types of steels, can be helpful in this case.



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