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Straps and four-sided raw spring with hard workability

Highly-carbon-alloy raw spring and straps are produced in hot rolled with different grades are branch (or longitudinal) straps with lengths usually 1 to 6 meters long and have a sharp edge and abrasion resistance and has high strength.

Grade: CK60 – CK67 – CK75- CK85- CK101- 7176 (55Cr3) – 7177 (60Cr3)- 8159- 7103- 7701- 1740(ms60)-2243-2007 (70cr2)

  • Thickness: 4mm min to 100mm max
  • Straps width: 40mm min to 150mm max


  • ضخامت تسمه ها: از 4 میلیمتر تا 100 میلیمتر
  • عرض تسمه ها: از عرض 40 میلیمتر تا 150 میلیمتر

Usages and applications

The straps and four sided raw springs are widely used in various industries due to their initial moderate difficulty (about 200-290 wc), and also due to the good hardening ability of different industries. They are used for cutting, bending and making all kinds of blades. Automotive industry (In automotive industry in main springs, light, heavy and semi-heavy vehicles, especially alloys 7176-8159-7701 are widely used.) – Agricultural industry (in parts and some agricultural machinery because of its high strength, abrasion resistance and elasticity and maintenance in appearance). – Road and rail transport (the above straps are used in the parts of the wagons of the train and straps springs for the construction of the main springs of the train wagon, parts for the road and rail machinery, and the grader blades …) – Cement and ceramic tiles and minerals (these spring straps are used for the manufacture of all types of blades and Crushing and milling hammer mills, cement, plaster and soil and etc.) and also the above-mentioned straps are used for manufacturing various types of rubber mill blades, Plastic, wood, paper, carton, cloth, glass and nylon … and also used for making various cutting and bending blades (brake).



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