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Metal, spring, black, oil, galvanized, stainless steel packing straps and its fastener (lock)

Packing straps in rolls (coils) and in different sizes:

  1. Spring-loaded steel straps in colors of black, hazel, green, etc., which have a springy state and have tensile strength.
  2. Oil-filled packing straps are made of oiled sheets.
  3. Galvanized iron packing straps are made of galvanized sheet.
  4. Glossy and opaque stainless steel straps 304 are made from stainless steel sheet 304.

Steel Strap Grade: 750 mps , 800 mps, 850 mps & magnus

Grade: ST12- ST13- ST14-ST37

Stainless Steel Grade: 304- 304L- 316- 316L- 430

  • Thickness: 0.30 mm min to 1.20 mm max
  • Width: 12.7 mm min to 32 mm max


  • ضخامت تسمه ها: از 0.3 میلیمتر تا 1.2 میلیمتر
  • عرض تسمه ها: از 12.7 میلیمتر تا 32 میلیمتر

Usages and applications

Metal straps are the oldest and strongest straps in the packaging industry. Available in different thicknesses and widths. Metal straps are used to pack heavy loads that require more strength than any other feature. In heavy loads with a very tensile force applied to the straps, a straps should be used that has the slightest change in length due to this tensile force due to the presence of springy metal straps that are the best option of using bouncy property. It is not easily transformed and the stuff is converted into a package. This type of spring-loaded straps is waxed, which is a layer of wax. The wax layer on the strap brings about a better transfer (ZINC), which includes tension around the goods to the straps, and also by creating a firm foundation on the steel surface, causes better dipping of the feeder teeth of the pulling device to the straps, preventing slipping and freeing. The strap is stretched during operation, and this process will make the strap tighter and more secure. metal, oily, galvanized packing straps are used in all industries, especially in the steel industry, such as sheets and coil manufacturing factory, rebar, pipes, straps and four sided, corners, shields, profiles, studs, rails, bars and rods for packaging the products and companies that manufacture lead ingots, zinc, zamac, aluminum, tin, and also used for packaging pallets, boxes, and some cartons. The steel springy packaging straps are used for the production of some components and fastener, including an exhaust manifold and the construction of a lift door spring. It is worth noting that the oil and galvanized steel strap are similar in terms of tensile strength and elongation, but in terms of rusting the oily straps rust in the vicinity of humidity, but the galvanized strap does not rust. Black steel straps, known as the SIGNODE brand in the United States, have a higher force in terms of tensile strength in different sizes. The steel strap with a load of at least 5,000 Nm per square millimeter in size 16 is the best choice for heavy packaging, up to 24,300 Nt in size 32. All three types of steel straps are manufactured in standard sizes of 16, 19 and 32 mm. The only difference between the oily and galvanized straps is rusting. Oily strap does not rust on moisture and is suitable for packing in wet areas.



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