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Bohler spring sheet collection


With many years of presence in the steel market of Iran, one of the largest and most powerful suppliers and distributors of raw spring sheets, hardened spring steel sheets, spring bronze phosphor sheet, soft and springy brass in the country. Also, the possibilities of roll to roll cut and roll to sheet cut and cold rolling and converting the above sheets to the customer’s dimensions within this collection provide conditions to facilitate the affairs of respectable customers.

Bohler Spring sheet collection


With many years of experience in the field of importing and supplying a wide variety of steel and steel products, we are proud to have a small step in supplying and distributing raw materials for various industries such as automotive, oil, gas, petrochemical appliances, military industries , Agriculture, construction industry, food industry, electronics industry, road and rail transport, footwear, textile, mineral industry, cement, etc., and have been able to create a suitable route to meet the needs of different companies. It is hoped that with the help of Allah Almighty, we can take a small step towards the growth and excellence of all Iranian companies.



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