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Spring steel wire and round bar, soft and spring stainless steel and all kinds of steel and alloy steel round bar with hardness

Medium and high carbon springs are annealed and semi-springy and are in coils and branches.

Medium and high carbon spring steel round bar, chromium spring round bar, chromium and vanadium springs, silica springs and chromium silica springs of 6 meters in length.

Wire Grade: CK45- CK60- CK67- CK75-CK85- CK101- CRV

Round Bar Grade: CK60- CK67- CK75- CK85- CK101- 7176- 7177- 7103- 7104- 7108- 7701- 8159- 2007 (70CR2)- 5026- 2243- 2210- …-100CR6 (2060-2063-3505)-…

Stainless Steel wire and Round Bar Grade: 302- 304- 309- 310- 321- 410- 420- 430- 440

  • Diameter: 0.25 mm min to 400mm max


  • قطر مفتول ها و میلگردها: از سایز 0.2 میلیمتر تا 400 میلیمتر

Usages and applications

Spring steel wires and round bars are widely used in all industries. Automotive (Spring wires are widely used in the manufacture of all types of compression, tensional and rostral springs in the manufacture of automotive parts and springs for shock absorbers and for making the balance rod of vehicle). – Oil, gas and petrochemical industries (soft and spring steel wires and round bars in the oil and gas and petrochemical industry is one of the most widely used materials for the manufacture and production of compression, tensional springs, and the manufacture of parts and accessories for machinery and drilling machines and petrochemical industry because of being stainless steel and anti-acid base materials and saline water are used on oil rigs and drilling equipment.) – Household appliances (stainless steel wire and round bars are widely used in home appliances because of being stainless steel and high corrosion resistance such as making kitchen utensils, parts of refrigerators, dishwashers and washing machines equipment as well as because of resistance to heat are wildly used in the stove, oven and microwave.) – Foodstuffs and pharmaceuticals, stainless steel wire and round bars because of the above mentioned reasons are used in the manufacture of parts and accessories of food and pharmaceutical machinery such as dairy, milk and ice cream and food products factories.) – Cement, tile and ceramic industries (in cement kilns and baking ceramic and tiles, because of the heat resistance and the fire resistance of the steel, and for making Lace and ceramic, tiles and ceramic factory), and also the spring steel round bars and wires are widely used in the manufacture of parts for agricultural machinery, cement industry and construction of different types due to their elasticity and abrasion resistance.



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