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A summary of thermal treatment methods

A summary of thermal treatment methods:

The molds used in molding should meet the properties of the mold in terms of abrasion resistance, toughness and dimensional stability. The necessary condition for achieving these properties is proper and accurate heat treatment. With heat treatment, steel can achieve special structural, required hardness, toughness, and so on. A mistake in heat treatment can lead to a large grain structure, carbon burning, extreme scaling of the work piece surface, cracks caused by hardening or severe twisting.
Expensive materials are unusable, and many hours of work are not used. Therefore, each molding must be in a position of technical knowledge to determine the correct heat treatment and direct it without error.
Several types of materials are determined by the designer and the properties of the steel in the heat treatment are determined. It is not necessary to change the material’s shape under any circumstances during the ordering of materials for machining or supplying spare parts to the mold, as it may damage the entire mold.

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