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Anti-abrasion sheets and high hardness and high strength sheets

Sheets that are toughened by hardening and hardening heat treatment methods and are produced as hot rolling, and are used especially in the cement industry, ceramic, tile and they have many applications in some parts of agricultural machinery, especially those that are worn in soil and stone. and are also produced with different hardness.


  • Hardness: 400 HV- 450 HV- 500 HV- 550 HV- 600 HV
  • Thickness: 3 mm min to 50 mm max
  • Width: 1000 mm min to 2500 mm max
  • Cut to length: 2000 mm to 8000 mm


  • سختی ها: 400 ویکرز – 450 ویکرز – 500 ویکرز – 550 ویکرز – 600 ویکرز
  • ضخامت: از 3 میلیمتر تا 50 میلیمتر
  • عرض: از 1000 میلیمتر تا 2500 میلیمتر
  • طول: از 2000 میلیمتر تا 8000 میلیمتر

Usages and applications

The above-mentioned sheets have many applications in various industries including cement, ceramic and tile industries due to their high hardness and good abrasion resistance. Also due to the hardness of cement and ceramic materials, these sheets are used. Many of the above-mentioned sheets are used where the devices and bearings under the machine and the wheels are constantly moving and traveling are used and in the sand factories, because of the collision and abrasion of sand with this sheet, and also the property of anti-abrasion and corrosion resistant.

The above sheets are used in machinery and steel mills. The road transport and railroad industry also uses plenty of anti-abrasion sheets in construction machinery and mining machines.



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